Stress-free loans at competitive
interest rates

Are you looking for a personal loan? Do you need to pay off a credit card bill? Are you interested in a student loan? Are you seeking a home loan at competitive interest rate? If your answer is a big yes, then look no further than the Cayman Islands Development Bank.

Student Loans:

The smarter way to pay for education with great repayment options and competitive interest rates is right here! A student loan is an ideal solution to help the youth of The Cayman Islands to pay for those college expenses that are not covered by scholarships. Our loans provide you with more choices and greater flexibility. Cayman Islands Development Bank helps you get the additional funds you need quickly and easily. We know the future of The Cayman Islands lies in the hands of its youth, which is why we make the process of education loans extremely easy.

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Small business loans:

Every growing business requires access to funds to stay a float and realize its full potential. We provide borrowing solutions to businesses of every type to help enterprises succeed. Our Bank understands that every business has unique financing needs. Our bank offers loans that are perfect for pursuing time-sensitive business opportunities. We are the best source to fulfil your one-time or ongoing financing demands.

Agribusiness Initiatives:

“Agri-business” at the bank is used to encompass various aspects of agriculture including small-scale food production, largescale farming. agro-processing, marketing (including wholesaling, distribution and retail sales), input supplies and the acquisition of farm machinery.


CIDB provides mortgages to first time homeowners. We target families in the low and lower middle-income brackets. To date, CIDB has assisted several individuals and families to acquire their own homes or to undertake much needed renovations of their existing dwelling.